The long-term success of the Mary River Project depends on the consultation with, and cooperation and mutual satisfaction of, all stakeholders. It was within this spirit of making the Mary River mine a successful operation for everyone that the Mary River Inuit Impact and Benefit Agreement was negotiated and signed. 

Strong and healthy communities in the north mean better working relationships. Consultation with stakeholders for Baffinland’s Mary River Project has focused on the Inuit communities proximate to the Project sites, and has included the public, local and regional Inuit organizations, the Government of Nunavut, and federal agencies with a mandate relevant to the Project.

Inuit of the Baffin Region enjoy a rich oral tradition, and this has influenced how Baffinland has engaged local communities. The emphasis has been on establishing a presence in the region, meeting many times within the communities, and recording in-person discussions. Since the dominant language is Inuktitut, with regional dialects across Baffin Island, translation using local interpreters has been an important element in the consultation process.

Joe T PhotoBaffinland has a network of Baffinland Community Liaison Officers (BCLOs) headed by Joe Tigullaraq, Senior Manager, Northern Affairs. This group is focused on establishing a welcomed presence among the Baffin Region. Their mandate is to ensure clear and constant communication flow between Baffinland Iron Mines and the local residents, and they are also the first point of contact for Inuit seeking jobs within the company. In turn, the BCLOs act as the represented voice for their respective communities in bringing community feedback to the Baffinland managers.

To the best extent possible, Baffinland seeks to hire employees from the five closest communities to the Mary River Project; Arctic Bay, Hall Beach, Clyde River, Pond Inlet, and Igloolik.

Visit the each individual community page to learn more about our BCLOs and their home towns.







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