Camp Life

A fly-in/fly-out operation is significantly different from one where employees go home at the end of each workday. Most Baffinland employees work a rotation where they work for 2 weeks living at the site and then fly-home for 2 weeks off.

camp life

Schedules for all employees on site will be 12 hours long, 7 days per week and may or may not include both day and night shifts. The facilities provided at the accommodation complex play an important role in employee success in adapting to fly-in/fly-out rotational lifestyle. With an airstrip at Mary River, jet flights from southern Canada occur throughout the week. As well as jet service from southern Canada, smaller turbo propeller service operates through the week for transportation of personnel from local communities to and from the site.


Port site (Milne Inlet)

Port site (Milne Inlet)Accommodation at the Port site includes a hard-wall four wing camp that consists of 120 single rooms that include:

  • Washroom
  • Television and DVD player
  • Phone
  • Wi-Fi access

This site also has a dry locker for 120, gym facility, game room, television room, dining room and a Country Kitchen.

There are also 20 tent accommodations that consist of 120 single rooms with shared washroom, television in each room, phone and Wi-Fi access and a dining room.

Mine Site (Mary River)

Mine Site (Mary River)The Mine site consists of a 7 wing hard-wall camp with 210 single rooms that include:

  • Washroom
  • Television and DVD player
  • Wi-Fi access

This site also has a dry locker for 210, gym facility, game room, television room, dining room and Country Kitchen.

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Weather Haven at Mine Site (MWH)

Weather Haven at Mine Site (MWH)During times of construction and expansion, full time workers and contractors may be placed in our Weather Haven Camp at our Mine Site or even, occasionally, in soft wall tents with heaters.  Weatherhaven offers 98 beds with shared accommodations (2 persons to a Room). It also has communal washrooms.

  • Small Gym and Weight room
  • TV and Games Room
  • Kitchen and Dining Room in the Complex
  • Offices in the Complex
  • Mud Room / Dry

 Counselling & Support Services

In addition to support services provided by Human Resources, Baffinland is committed to employing both a male and a female Inuit elder who share a rotational cross-shift. These elders reside on site at all times to act as counsellors for Inuit employees. In addition to providing counselling and guidance to employees, the Inuit Elders support cross-cultural awareness activities, social events and provide guidance to employees on site to the resources that are available.

Inuit Elders

Baffinland currently has two on-site elders who can help counsel Inuit employees while they grow accustomed to working in a fly-in fly-out remote camp like Mary River (Mine Site Complex) or Milne Inlet (Port Site Complex).

Jayko in his office

Elder Jayko Simonie grew up in Clyde River but currently lives in Hall Beach. He says that his experience at Baffinland so far has been very positive and he appreciates the openness he sees here. Jayko has held positions that have served to help the community and people; example he has been an Adult Educator and Community Improvement Coordinator. Jayko said he wants to “take traditional Inuit into today’s way of living.”


Joanna Oolateeta_elder

Originally from Igloolik, Elder Joanna Oolateeta now lives in Pond Inlet, the closest community to the Mary River mine. Over the years, she has worked as an interpreter and translator, a community health representative, a school counsellor, and a mental health and wellness counsellor.  “The first few days when people come here, they can have some discomfort,” Joanna says. “But it’s a welcoming place. They usually feel comfortable in a short time.




Country Food

camp life meat

Baffinland has committed to ensuring that Country Food is made available to Inuit employees. Meals counting Country Food must meet government inspection standards. A Country Kitchen has also been built at Mary River and Milne to provide Inuit Employees to store Country Food brought to the work site for personal consumption.


camp life food

Wholesome meals are served three times a day. Coffee, juice, water, freshly baked goods and other snacks are also available throughout the day for employees.


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