Materials Handling

material handling

Are you interested in driving heavy equipment? The Materials Handling Department hosts the largest group of Heavy Equipment Operators at Baffinland. This department is responsible for shipping the iron ore from the Mary River Mine site to the Milne Port. The Tote Road is approximately 100 km in length connecting Mary River to Milne and has some of the most spectacular views on Baffin Island. Along with iron ore shipping, Materials Handling is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the Tote Road which includes bridges, roads, culverts and grading.

There are different pieces of equipment such as Crushers, CAT 777’s, 793 Haul Trucks, and D6 to D10 Dozers, Shovels and Graders. Each day will vary depending on where the attention is needed. During the winter season, Materials Handling is responsible for the safety of the Tote Road which means plowing, apply some natural sand and typical road maintenance. Other days, road construction will be needed to improve the overall road design. For many, a typical day will be hauling the Iron Ore from Mary River to Milne Inlet.

The Materials Handling Department has 4 main positions including:

Operator 3
Operator 2

Operator 1

Operator 2, Operator 3
If you are interested in being an Operator, you most likely will be considered for an Operator 2 or 3 position. The difference between each Operator level is dependent on a candidate’s years of experience with multiple pieces of equipment. If a candidate has 8 solid years of experience on 3 pieces of equipment, they would be considered an Operator 2. For those who are new to operating equipment, the candidate would most likely start at an Operator 3 level. As you train and master new pieces of equipment, you will then be considered for promotion to a higher level position. If you are eager to operate a haul truck, grader, shovel or dozer these Operator positions are a great choice.

Operator 1
When applying for an Operator 1, you must have a minimum of 10 years of experience on more than 4 pieces of equipment. We classify Operator 1’s as a lead hand. If you are deemed an Operator 1 that means you will operate equipment but in the absence of a Supervisor you will lead the team. It is your responsibility to direct and supervise your team in a safe and productive manner. If you enjoy operating equipment and are a strong leader amongst your peers, an Operator 1 position might be the perfect fit.


The last group of available positions in Materials Handling is our management team. Each group of Operators must have a Supervisor out in the field helping to delegate, oversee, train and mentor. A Supervisor is someone who has strong communication skills as well as the technical skills to work effectively with their team. At Baffinland, we are always focused on a safe and healthy work environment. In fact one of our mottos is Safety First, Always. That is why we expect each Supervisor to encourage this attitude when leading a team. If you believe you can mentor, train and supervise a wide range of employees, while continuing to implement a healthy and safe work environment, we encourage you to apply.