Life at Mary River

Baffinland’s Mary River operation runs 24/7, 365 days a year. The majority of our team works on site, operating on a two-weeks-on, two-weeks-off rotation. With an airstrip on site, we operate charter jet flights out of Montreal for our employees from southern Canada. We also operate smaller daily flights throughout the week to transport our employees from the North Baffin communities.


camp life We operate accommodations at both our mine and port sites. While all our rooms feature comfortable beds with clean linens, pillows, and blankets, accommodations at each of our camps is slightly different. The main Mary River and Milne Inlet camps both feature private sleeping quarters, each equipped with their own bathroom and shower, television, and phone. To accommodate the growing size of our operation, we are also planning to implement a new, 800-person camp on site by winter 2018.

Catering and Country Food

Wholesome meals are served three times a day. Coffee, juice, water, freshly baked goods, and other snacks are also available throughout the day for employees. We are also committed to ensuring that Country Food is made available to our Inuit employees on site. A Country Kitchen has been built at both our sites to provide Inuit Employees a place to store and prepare Country Food brought to the work site for personal consumption.

Site Facilities and Resources

camp lifeAll our sites feature full gym facilities, games and television rooms, dining room serving meals prepared by culinary experts, and are fully Wi-Fi-accessible. We also provide counselling and support services to all our employees, and have Inuit site elders on site to provide specialized assistance to our Inuit employees on site.

Careers with Baffinland

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