Ore Handling

The Ore Handling team is responsible for crushing, transportation between Mine and Port, stockpiling and shiploading of ore. This team is also responsible for maintaining the 100km road that connects the Mine and Port.

ore handling

Material delivered to the crusher from the Mine is crushed to create two products; a “lump” ore that is between 7mm and 32mm in size and a “fine” ore that is less than 7mm in size. From the crushed ore stockpile, material is reclaimed and loaded into tractor-trailer B trains (two trailers). Each tractor-trailer set will haul up to 150 tonnes of material for 100km distance from the Mine to the Port on a constant basis and dumped and stacked into a stockpile at the Port site. Bulk carrier ships will arrive every summer during the ice-free season. Material from the stockpiles will be reclaimed by front-end loaders onto a conveyer belt that feeds to shiploaders.

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