Sustainable Development

Our Commitment

Baffinland is committed to carrying out the operation of the Mary River Project in an environmentally and socially responsible manner; one that takes into consideration – from day one – the safety of its employees and the protection of the natural environment.

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Health and Safety

Baffinland maintains a Health and Safety culture that is underpinned by the concepts of “SAFETY FIRST, ALWAYS” and “COURAGEOUS LEADERSHIP”. The company has developed strong H&S policies around this philosophy and is dedicated to providing the necessary training and awareness programs so that employees can safely and effectively implement these policies. An added advantage of some of this training is that it provides employees who are local residents with valuable skills that may prove important to them in their own remote communities of Baffin Island.

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Through extensive environmental monitoring and management that has been developed with a balance of scientific and Inuit knowledge, Baffinland aims to avoid or minimize any negative interactions between the natural environment and the Mary River Project.

View Baffinland’s final Environmental Impact Statement (2012) here

View Baffinland’s Early Revenue Phase Addendum (2013) here 


At Baffinland, we employ a balance of the best scientific and traditional Inuit knowledge to safeguard the environment. The development of the Mary River Project is consistent with the Nunavut Planning Commission’s broad planning principles, policies and goals, as well as the Nunavut Exploration and Mining Strategy. Baffinland is committed to careful stewardship of the environment, enriching communities around us, and caring for the health and well-being of our employees, contractors, and the people who live in the neighboring region.

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Inuit Impact Benefit Agreement

The Inuit Impact and Benefits Agreement (IIBA), will ensure that benefits from the Project flow to nearby Inuit communities and the Qikiqtaaluk Region of Nunavut.

The emphasis of the IIBA remains on employment, training & skills development, and business opportunities.

The IIBA was signed in September of 2013, and at the completion of the IIBA’s initial year of implementation, the first Annual Public Forum was held in Pond Inlet to identify ways that the Mary River Project could continue to contribute to the well-being of the Inuit, and ensure their full participation in the decision making process.

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