Courageous Leadership

Baffinland Iron Mines has adopted the culture of Courageous Leadership, which was introduced to Senior Management through a series of workshops, training sessions and ongoing programmes at the earliest planning stage.

Safeguarding our employees and contractors

We believe that Courageous Leadership can play a major role in safeguarding our employees and contractors at the Mary River site. Courageous Leadership is:

  • Valuing people above all other priorities
  • Believing we can reach zero injuries
  • Bringing a positive attitude to work
  • Eliminating at-risk behaviours
  • Creating a desired culture
  • Facing challenges with determination
  • Accepting the responsibility of leadership
  • Having the courage to make the commitment

Every one of our supervisors, employees and contractors will also be trained in Courageous Leadership as we believe that all our people can be courageous advocates of change if they are willing to speak up when a potentially dangerous situation arises. “ At Baffinland, we have the opportunity to embed an excellent culture of Courageous Leadership right from the planning stage of our Mary River Project. This means that every person who works for us or with us – including Senior Management , all of our people in our Toronto offices as well as at the Mary River Site and contractors , etc.) – will not only be fully compliant to the highest of standards, but more importantly, they will uphold the values of Courageous Leadership at work and at home from day 1.”