Safety First, Always

Our company’s goal is to have every employee and contractor working for Baffinland practice a “Safety First, Always” approach at work and at home. To support this effort, starting in June 2012, Baffinland has launched a monthly health and safety campaign which focuses on a different tip or topic relevant to daily life in general and often with a particular emphasis on life in the north.

Baffinland Iron Mines is adopting the culture of Courageous Leadership, which was introduced to Senior Management through a series of workshops, training sessions and ongoing programmes at the earliest planning stage.

We believe that Courageous Leadership can play a major role in safeguarding our employees and contractors at the Mary River site. Courageous Leadership is:

  • Valuing people above all other priorities
  • Believing we can reach zero injuries
  • Bringing a positive attitude to work
  • Eliminating at-risk behaviours
  • Creating a desired culture
  • Facing challenges with determination
  • Accepting the responsibility of leadership
  • Having the courage to make the commitment

Every one of our supervisors, employees and contractors will also be trained in Courageous Leadership as we believe that all our people can be courageous advocates of change if they are willing to speak up when a potentially dangerous situation arises.

Health and Safety Day – 2014

On April 28, 2014, Health and Safety Day was held for all employees and contractors working for Baffinland Iron Mines. This day was an opportunity to engage our people in our safety standards focusing on key themes including; “stop slips, trips and fall”, “no more falls” and “stay away from pinch points”. A hazard recognition exercise was performed by all employees and contractors to identify and control hazards associated with these themes.

This day was also the National Day of Mourning, which commemorates workers who have been killed, injured or suffered illness due to workplace related hazards and incidents. A moment of silence was held by our people for those killed on the job worldwide.

It is recognized the impact of an injury is not just limited to the person injured but to the families and co-workers. For Health and Safety Day we encouraged the children of our employees and contractors to provide a drawing of their parent working safely. These drawings were posted at Mary River, Milne Port, and Corporate office as a visual reminder that our families need us to come home safely at the end of our shifts. A slideshow of the children’s drawing is provided below:

Health and Safety Update

Baffinland Iron Mines experienced no lost time incidents or serious injuries in 2013. There were minor injuries requiring medical treatment or restricted work which resulted in a total recordable injury frequency rate of 2.0*.

In 2013, a team of skilled safety professionals were hired that helped develop Baffinland safety systems and procedures to support construction activities at Mary River and Milne Port. We also established a volunteer mine rescue team and held several 5-day mine rescue training sessions for those employees to ensure a high level of emergency preparedness and response capabilities.

* Total recordable injury rate per 200,000 hours worked.