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Management Plans

Operations at the Mary River Project involves multiple sites and a wide range of activities. To manage the Mary River Project, Baffinland has developed a suite of management and monitoring plans that ensures the Project operates in a manner that protects Project personnel and the environment while promoting positive impacts. Baffinland’s suite of management and monitoring plans covers a range of topics and activities, including emergency response, waste management, spill response, stakeholder engagement, employment, surface water management, environmental monitoring, wildlife management, road maintenance, shipping and many more.

Report Popular Summary (English) Popular Summary (Inuktitut) Full Report Upload Date
Fresh Water Supply, Sewage, and Wastewater Management PlanFull ReportMar-31-2019
    Surface Water and Aquatic Ecosystem Management Plan Full ReportMar-31-2019
      Air Quality and Noise Abatement Management PlanFull ReportMar-31-2017
        Aquatic Effects Monitoring PlanFull ReportApr-04-2017
          Ballast Water Management PlanFull ReportApr-04-2019
            Borrow Source Management Plan - KM97Full ReportMar-29-2019
              Cultural Heritage Resource Protection PlanFull ReportMar-31-2017
                Emergency Response PlanFull ReportApr-02-2018
                  Environmental Protection PlanFull ReportMar-31-2017
                    Exploration Closure and Reclamation PlanFull ReportMar-31-2017
                      Exploration Spill Contingency PlanFull ReportApr-04-2017
                        Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Waste Management PlanFull ReportMar-31-2017
                          Interim Closure and Reclamation PlanFull ReportMar-29-2019
                            Interim Waste Rock Management Plan - March 2019Full ReportMar-31-2019
                              Life of Mine Waste Rock Management PlanFull ReportApr-04-2017
                                MDMER Emergency Response PlanFull ReportMar-29-2019
                                  Oil Pollution Emergency Plan - Milne InletFull ReportMar-29-2019
                                    Phase 1 Waste Rock Management PlanFull ReportMar-31-2017
                                      Polar Bear Safety PlanFull ReportMar-29-2019
                                        Q1 Quarry Management PlanFull ReportApr-04-2018
                                          QMR2 Quarry Management PlanFull ReportApr-04-2018
                                            Roads Management PlanFull ReportApr-04-2017
                                              Shipping and Marine Wildlife Management PlanFull ReportMar-31-2017
                                                Snow Management PlanFull ReportMar-29-2019
                                                  Spill at Sea Response Plan (SSRP)Full ReportMar-31-2017
                                                    Spill Contingency PlanFull ReportMar-31-2017
                                                      Terrestrial Environment Mitigation and Monitoring Management Plan Full ReportMar-31-2017
                                                        Waste Management PlanFull ReportMar-29-2019

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