Igloolik (Iglulik)

Approximately 220 km from Mary River

Igloolik is located between the Canadian mainland and Baffin Island and is often considered the cultural capital of Nunavut because of the strong artistic community that calls the hamlet home. Igloolik is also considered the most culturally diverse region in Nunavut, where cultural traditions from all three regions in Nunavut can be found.

A unique fact about Igloolik is that the only Inuit circus group in the entire world is found in this little northern hamlet, an area that springs to life with blooming flora and fauna, and a number of festivals and performances in the summer months.

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Meet Igloolik’s Baffinland Community Liaison Officer:

Renee Qulaut

Renee PhotoRenee has a strong desire to help the people in her community who are in need of employment assistance, and she is motivated to help Baffinland and the residents of Nunavut work together to support the Mar River mine site. She says that one of the best feelings is, “When I see someone leaving smiling because I helped them with their very first resume, or helped those who had been on Income Support for the majority of their life obtain their first form of employment.”

Renee works diligently to keep her manager up to date and fully informed of events and issues in the community. She primarily works with the new hires and sets up interviews and employment offers, while keeping in close touch with the employees from her community to ensure their needs are sufficiently communicated. She is a respected team member and notes that, “Working for Baffinland is the best experience. The company is very understanding and makes me want to work for them as a life-time career until I retire.”


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