Adult and General Education Scholarship

Amount: $5,000
Awarded:  Yearly
Deadline for application: August 15, 2015
Provided by: Kakivak Association
Donor: Baffinland Iron Mines
Renewable: No – must re-apply each year

Brief Description:
Awarded yearly to a full-time student who is enrolled in the first, second, third or fourth year of a recognized program pertaining to studies in Adult Basic Education, Early Childhood Education, Nursing, Academic Upgrading and Child and Youth Worker. Candidate must demonstrate that they are  committed to a career in such areas as; Social Services, Personal Support Worker,  Practical Nursing and Social Sciences.

Open to Inuit who are Nunavut Land Claims Beneficiaries. Priority will be given in the following order:

  1. Inuit applicants from the North Baffin Communities
  2. Inuit from the rest of Baffin island
  3. Inuit from the rest of Nunavut

Application Instructions:
To apply, you must submit the application form together with supporting documentation (listed in the application guidelines), to Kakivak Association. The application and guidelines are available on the  Baffinland web site or at the Kakivak office in Iqaluit.

Baffinland Iron Mines Scholarship
C/o Kakivak Association
P.O. Box 1419
Iqaluit, Nunavut XOA OHO