Celebrating International Women’s Day – Navdeep Nijjar

April 21, 2017

At Baffinland, we have some of the most experienced and inspirational women in the mining industry. For International Women’s Day, we asked some of them to share their experiences about what it’s like working in the industry, and their advice for young professionals and women interested in a job in the mining industry. We will continue to share their stories in the coming weeks.

Navdeep Nijjar, Travel Coordinator

Navdeep Nijjar is our travel coordinator, responsible for aircraft logistics, camp accommodations, and departmental scheduling, amongst other tasks. While she started her career in medical administration, she was approached by a friend who worked with Baffinland who advised her of the position with Baffinland. While initially hesitant, following a conversation with the Site Services manager, she became interested in the opportunity and the unique requirements of the position, a stark contrast to the repetitive work she was doing before joining Baffinland.

Navdeep believes there are challenges with both her position, and as a woman in the mining industry. In an administrative position, she believes that her position is undervalued. As a woman in the industry, she says there was an adjustment to working in a setting where there are not a lot of other women working in the same office, but that women can learn to adapt to the surroundings and make the best of the situation.

She recommends that professional women, especially in the mining industry, continue to stand up for what they believe in. “In a male-dominated industry, you have to stick up for yourself and work and never be satisfied with rejection,” says Navdeep.