Photo Gallery

Welcome to the Photo Gallery of Baffinland Iron Mines. Here you can find a small sample of the range of images we have taken at our Corporate Offices in Oakville, Health and Safety Days and in and around Baffin Island and Nunavut including our Northern main office in Iqaluit. Most importantly, you will find here images from our sites at Milne and Steensby and at Mary River, where the development of our mine is progressing well. Included are some images of events which formed part of our environmental and permitting process as well as a cross section of the people who work for us or with us.

More detailed descriptions can be provided upon request. If you would like to get a higher resolution version of these images, or permission to use them – please email us at

Conditions of use All images in the Photo Library are ©Baffinland Iron Mines. We ask that you do not use any of these photographs for any purpose unless you email us at We will be happy to discuss you with you if they are suitable for your purposes. They may not be used without permission or altered or modified in anyway.

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