Procurement and contracting

Baffinland is committed to the safe, sustainable development of the Mary River Mine, to the benefit of all stakeholders. Principle amongst these are Inuit from north Baffin and all Nunavummiut.

Supporting Inuit firms

As we look to further develop our operation, we continue to focus on building partnerships and working with Inuit firms in Nunavut, particularly in the North Baffin region. Baffinland is committed to contracting Inuit firms whenever possible and working closely together with communities, with a focus on building capacity and skills development. To learn more about our Inuit procurement and contract strategies and processes, click here.

The pre-qualification process

In order to work with Baffinland, Inuit firms must be pre-qualified. Our pre-qualification and tendering process is in-line with our Inuit procurement process and adheres with our values outlined in Inuit Impact Benefit Agreement. To pre-qualify with Baffinland, send your completed pre-qualification form to To access our pre-qualification form, click here.

Current contracts

Want to see current contracting opportunities with Baffinland? Click here to see what we are looking forward. *this document will be updated periodically as our needs continue to change. To sign up to have updates emailed to you directly, contact